Facilities at domestic, commercial and industrial level

Gritec S.A. we are a company dedicated to the world of installations and engineering.

If you need advice, realization and/or legalization of any type of installation related to classic or new generation energies, both at industrial, commercial and domestic level, we are your people.

You will find us in Vic (Osona), province of Barcelona. It is our base field, although one of our main tools is mobility and the diversity of spaces and establishments to provide service.

Installation and Maintenance

Our team of experts takes care of both the initial installation and the maintenance of your facilities. This ensures long-term smooth operation and your peace of mind.

24 hour service

We are available 24 hours a day to attend to your installation, maintenance and emergency resolution needs. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority.

Highly qualified professionals

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. Their dedication and knowledge ensure excellence in all projects.

Maximum security

Safety is our top priority. All our facilities are designed and built to the highest safety standards to ensure safe and reliable system operation.

Facilities and Engineering

We work all over the world of gas, petroleum products, steam, burners, industrial, commercial and domestic heating.