LPG Tanks

Wide Range of Applications: We collaborate with REPSOL GAS to provide propane gas tank solutions for a LPG Tanks wide range of environments, including homes, industries, hotels, campgrounds, and other specialized applications such as skids for forklifts and vehicle fleets.

Aboveground and Underground Tanks: We offer installation options for both aboveground and underground tanks, adapting to your specific needs and space requirements.

Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Reduction: We provide options for reducing carbon footprint by contracting bio-propane and/or offsetting emissions. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Regulation and Measurement Stations (ERM)

Custom Installation: We design and install custom Regulation and Measurement Stations for your industrial facilities. These stations are designed for efficient filtering, regulation, and counting of gas from the distribution network.

Counting Systems: Equipped with counting systems according to the requirements of the supplying companies. With remote reading capabilities for users.

Natural Gas and LPG Receiving Installations.

Diverse Range of Application: Adapting to the varied needs of our clients, we offer gas installations for a wide range of environments, including residential areas, industries, businesses, and services.

Comprehensive Range of Gases: From natural gas to propane and butane, we provide flexible solutions that meet your preferences and gas supply requirements.

Maximum Safety: Our gas receiving installations are designed with the highest safety standards. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we ensure the safe operation of your installations.

Gas Connection Processing: We facilitate the processing of gas connections with the supplying company, such as Nedgia (formerly Gas Natural), ensuring that all administrative processes are managed efficiently and without complications.

Liquefied natural gas

Cryogenic Storage: Installation of vertical and horizontal liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks. With economizer systems to optimize energy consumption.

Atmospheric and Forced Gasifiers: Adapting to different needs, we offer both atmospheric and forced gasifiers to ensure that your installations achieve the desired performance in any environment.

Remote Control Systems: We integrate advanced remote control technologies to monitor and manage your installations efficiently and safely. This allows for precise control and immediate response to any eventuality.

Maximum Security: Safety is our top priority. Our installations are designed with the highest standards to ensure safe operation at all times.

Autogas Service Stations

Autogas Service Stations Installation: We carry out the installation of autogas service stations, both for the public and for private use. These stations offer an efficient and sustainable supply solution for vehicles and forklifts powered by LPG.

Use in Vehicle Fleets and Forklifts: We provide tailored solutions for LPG vehicle fleets and forklifts, optimizing their use and providing significant economic and environmental benefits.

Ecological and Efficient Alternative: We highlight LPG as an alternative fuel, emphasizing its ecological and efficiency advantages compared to traditional liquid fuels.

increased Engine Durability: The use of LPG contributes to greater engine durability, reducing the impact on components and extending the life of vehicles and forklifts.

More Autonomy: LPG offers greater autonomy, providing a practical solution for users seeking increased autonomy between refills.

Bottle batteries

LPG Bottle Batteries: We carry out the installation of LPG bottle batteries, both for domestic and industrial use. These batteries provide a versatile solution for supplying butane and propane gas in a wide range of applications.

Domestic and Industrial Containers: Our solutions cover the needs of domestic and industrial clients, providing LPG bottle batteries adapted to containers of different sizes according to the customer’s needs.

Various Applications: LPG bottle batteries are suitable for various applications, including homes, restaurants, industries, and other environments where the gas distribution network does not reach. Their versatility makes them a flexible option for our clients.

Bateria botelles

Gas Pipeline

Gas Pipeline Construction: Ens especialitzem en la construcció de canalitzacions de gas, tant per a gas propà com gas natural. La nostra experiència ens permet proporcionar solucions adaptades a diverses necessitats.

Collaboration with Supply Companies: We maintain close collaboration with leading companies in the sector, such as NEDGIA, REPSOL GAS, to ensure that our installations meet the highest standards and enjoy the latest technological innovations.

Various Application Areas: Our gas pipelines are built with a wide range of applications, covering towns, urbanizations, and industrial estates. We provide solutions adapted to each environment to ensure optimal efficiency.


Biogas Production and Consumption: We specialize in creating facilities for the production and consumption of biogas through the anaerobic fermentation of organic matter. This sustainable energy source contributes to waste reduction and renewable energy generation.

Design and Construction: We provide a comprehensive service covering the design and construction of biogas facilities. Each project is customized to meet the specific needs and goals of the client, ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of the system.

Anaerobic Fermentation: We implement anaerobic fermentation processes of organic matter to efficiently obtain biogas. This sustainable method not only produces energy but also contributes to responsible waste management.

Connection to Distribution Network or Self-Consumption: We offer flexible solutions to connect biogas facilities to the distribution network or to opt for self-consumption. This versatility allows clients to adapt their installation according to their needs and preferences.


Gas Safety Inspection

Official Gas Installation Inspection: Realitzem revisions oficials exhaustives de les instal·lacions receptoras de gas, assegurant-nos que compleixin amb les normatives vigents i els estàndards de seguretat establerts.

Natural Gas, Propane, and Butane: Our inspections cover a wide range of installations, including those for natural gas, propane, and butane. Adapting to specific needs, we ensure that all types of gas are handled with the utmost safety.

Submission to Distribution Companies: We handle the entire administrative process, including the submission of reports to distribution companies such as NEDGIA (formerly Gas Natural), REPSOL GAS, and others. This ensures that everything is in order and compliant with current regulations.

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