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Singer Furnaces


Singer furnace for hair removal and as a decontaminant or sanitary at the end of the sacrifice line. Specific furnace to improve faces and ears



  • Furnaces are manufactured entirely in stainless steel.
  • Equipped with fans, they work with a gas/air mixing system that optimizes gas consumption, improves the dehairing of the animal and reduces the maintenance of the burners.
  • Fully automatic operation through photoelectric cells to detect the entrance of the animal.
  • Flame detection by UV cell that improves the reliability of the equipment.
  • Operating time easily adjustable.
  • Equipped with special nozzles to improve the finish of the heads.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Available in Natural Gas, LPG and Butane.
  • It works with pressure inlet gas from 100 mbar
  • Optional bell fume collection and gas train valves.
  • Optional economizer to recover hot gases.

There are 4 different models: GRIT-1, GRIT-2, GRIT-3 y GRIT-4

Aplication Main scorcher Main scorcher Decontaminant Heads review
Production 600 pigs/h 1.000 pigs/h 600 pigs/h 600 pigs/h
Nr Burners 56 56 28 24
Nr Columns 4 4 2 2
Power 1.745 kW 1.745 kW 870 kW 830 kW
Stages 1 2 1 1
Flame detection U.V. U.V. U.V. U.V.
Widht 1.528 mm 1.528 mm 1.720mm 1.720 mm
Large 1.513 mm 1.998 mm 1.110 mm 1.100 mm
Height 3.155 mm 3.155 mm 2.415 mm 2.415 mm
Power supply 3,0 kW 3,0 kW 1,0 kW 1,0 kW
Weight 1.500 kg 1.800 kg 750 kg 750 kg
Control Conventional PLC Conventional Conventional

Model GRIT-1:

Model GRIT-2:

Model GRIT-3:

Model GRIT-4:

Heat Recovery Units


Recovery of residual heat from the flue gases of the singeing furnace.


  • Gas/water exchanger made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Easily adaptable to the chimney of the singeing furnance.
  • Different possibilities of use: DHW production, scalding water heating, etc. with water temperatures up to 80ºC.
  • Possibility of supplying pump skids adapted to the needs of each installation.
  • Quickly amortizable due to the high percentage of heat recovery.
Dimensions 1330 x 1310 x 3018 mm
Weight 900 Kg
Gases connection diameter 600 mm
Heat recovery on burned heat 10%
Max. DHW production temperature 80º C

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